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Depression in people living with cancer: This research is being conducted for the honours component of my medical degree. A systematic review of depression research in adults living with cancer will look for patterns and research trends to determine which cancer types are represented.

Oncology curriculum review: I'm part of a team reviewing medical school teaching and medical student understanding of oncology and radiation oncology. This project is being overseen by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists.


How do GPs feel about anxiety and depression in people with cancer? This research is being conducted courtesy of a GP Synergy Medical Student Scholarship. This work will survey GPs to determine their confidence in detecting and diagnosing anxiety and depression in adult patients with cancer. 

Wildlife in China: I've collaborated on a range of research projects looking at deer behaviour, avian extinction and giant panda conservation.

Animal behaviour and sexual selection: For the honours program during my science degree I observed and experimented on wild satin bowerbirds inhabiting Queensland rainforest.


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Conference presentations

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