Media appearances

Media appearances


Flying the flag for junior doctors and hostile training cultures as a third Sydney hospital loses the right to train doctors. ABC Radio interview. [Listen]


"Cancer at any age is disruptive and distressing, but for a young adult ... I had to watch my friends go on and build careers and start families and all of that stopped for me," said Ben, now 36 and a doctor. [Read]


I spoke with 10 daily about doctor-student behaviour and bullying in medical workplaces. [Read]




On fear and why people contemplate alternative medicine: An interview for Radio National's Science Friction series. [Listen]


I addressed the 2017 annual conference of the Australasian Medical Writers Association and spoke about my approach to engaging an adience and my journey to medical writing.

On the importance of ongoing cancer research: I spoke at the Westpac Cancer Research Revolution Forum for Pathfinder's. [Listen]

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On the patient's voice: I addressed an all-staff meeting of Zest Healthcare Communications in Sydney.

On apps that rate doctors: I spoke with 7 Sunrise on the dangers of reducing the patient-doctor relationship to star ratings. [Watch]

On cancer education at medical school: In this episode of Ockham's Razor I explore what medical graduates do and do not know about cancer, and why gaps exist. [Listen]

On surviving cancer and guilt: A video interview with Huffington Post Australia on survivor guilt and moving forward. [Watch]

On surviving cancer when others do not: A webinar for Cancer Council NSW for health professionals and people living with cancer. [Watch]

On patient communication and multidisciplinary team decision-making: I addressed the Sydney Catalyst International Translational Cancer Research Symposium in July 2015.

On returning to work after cancer: Two webinars for Cancer Council NSW for health professionals and people living with cancer. [Watch] [Watch]

On the importance of medical research: I addressed the Garvan Institute's All Ribbons Ball in 2013, raising awareness of the impact of cancer on young adults.

On bowel cancer awareness: I spoke to Channel 9 News during bowel cancer awareness week 2012. [Watch]

On raising money for charity: For some reason I participated in the City 2 Sea during chemotherapy. I spoke to Channel 7 about why. [Watch]

On giant pandas being cute: I spoke with China Radio International about neotony and the giant panda. [Listen]

On using social media to communicate research: Quotes from when I was a media liaison at a medical research facility. [Read]